Maternal Safety Foundation in U.S. News and World Report

MSF Executive Director Jill Arnold was interviewed for the article, Preventable Pregnancy Deaths in America Are ‘Alarmingly’ High, published on May 7, 2019.

A September analysis by Urban Institute researchers shows that in 2016, new mothers in states that had not expanded Medicaid coverage were more than twice as likely to be uninsured as new mothers in states that had expanded the health program.

"We need a better safety net for new moms and families that extends beyond prenatal appointments and birth and a quick, six-week postpartum visit," says Jill Arnold, executive director of the nonprofit Maternal Safety Foundation.

The CDC report did not break down the pregnancy-related death data by location, and Arnold says the findings underscore the need for more state-level surveillance. In December, Congress authorized $60 million over a five-year span to fund state review boards, in an effort to "save and sustain the health of mothers during pregnancy, childbirth, and in the postpartum period."

Jill Arnold