Annual Report

Our organization was incorporated at the end of March 2018. In lieu of an annual report, we would like our donors and potential grantors to hear what we’ve accomplished so far.

Our First Nine Months

In Spring 2018, consumer advocate Jill Arnold approached a small group of business leaders in Northwest Arkansas with a vision of safe, accessible, risk-appropriate care for all moms and babies and a list of challenges that needed to be addressed. With 501(c)(3) status granted in April 2018, the new Maternal Safety Foundation began with a desk in a founding board member’s office and laid out an initial road map on its web site.


Our first nine months have been focused primarily on data and measurement gaps and on organizational development. An advisory board of subject-matter experts was formed to aid with program development and review content. The following are our key accomplishments during this time frame.


In February 2019, the Maternal Safety Foundation moved into the Center for Nonprofits in Rogers, Arkansas. The Center offers office space at below-market value and provides support services to build organizational capacity. With the support they provide, we are now positioned to grow as a community organization in Northwest Arkansas and the Ozark region. Read more.